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Mount Zion Lutheran Church took part in LWR’s Baskets of Promise Lenten Campaign and made Personal Care Kits. Here, Micah holds a completed kit.

Congregation’s Focus on Organization Makes Baskets of Promise a Success

For Mount Zion Lutheran Church, in York, Pennsylvania, organization was the key to success for their very first Baskets of Promise Lenten campaign, in 2014.

“We’ve done lots of collections before and we have a pretty solid system,” says Megan McClinton, Mount Zion’s Minister of Music & Education.

The campaign was a joint effort between the congregation’s outreach and education committees and involved servants of all ages.

To promote the campaign, the congregation put announcements in the church bulletin, and they also set up a display to both raise awareness and help keep the project organized.

“We put up a poster board on an easel and on it we had little cards for each item we needed to make our kits. Folks took cards for whatever items they wanted to donate and then brought those items back,” says Megan.

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When it came time for assembly, it was all hands on deck! The assembly was held during Sunday School hour, with teens and adults forming an assembly line to make Kits and the little ones transporting completed Kits to a table nearby. Megan says everyone really got into it, “The kids loved it; the adults loved it. It was a really fun activity to do,” says Megan.

The congregation set a goal to make 50 Personal Care Kits, but ended up making close to 100. By using the card system, they were able to control the inventory of Kit items, making sure they didn’t end up with too much of one thing and not enough of another.

In fact, Megan highly recommends this system to other congregations doing Baskets of Promise for the first time. For her congregation, it was a system they already knew, so people knew just what to do when they saw the cards

But most of all, Megan says, Baskets of Promise was a good activity to connect faith and works within her congregation during Lent. “Our congregation is made up of very generous people. We love to help and to give, whether it’s local or global. It’s part of our faith and part of who we are as a congregation.”

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