• She may not survive without YOUR love

    Your gift will help your most vulnerable neighbors survive and thrive.

Our prayers are with you during this extraordinary global crisis.

With you by our side, we continue to protect vulnerable families around the world, including working to stop the spread of the coronavirus in some of the most fragile places on earth. May God bless you and your family.

  • LWR Farmers Market Coffee

    For every bag of LWR Farmers Market Coffee you buy, a farmer shares in the profit of the final sale.

  • Improving markets, improving lives

    We’re turning Burkina Faso's burgeoning sesame industry into a life-changing opportunity for nearly 100,000 struggling families.

  • Restoring hope

    We are investing in the future of Latin America

  • Leadership

    Ambassador Daniel V. Speckhard leads Lutheran World Relief and IMA World Health as they join forces to increase impact

  • 'Caretaker's' love extends beyond death

    Find out how you can extend your love with a gift from your estate.

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In a world of crisis, do a world of good

Whether it’s a drought, tsunami or civil war, your gift to our emergency response fund helps families recover and adjust to new realities.

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