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breaks the cycle of poverty for lasting change.

We provide aid in emergencies and help families restore their lives


We partner with communities to build and grow rural economies.

Jose Martinez Flores, a farmer and partner in LWR Farmers Market Coffee, stands among his coffee trees in Jinotega, Nicaragua [Photo: Oscar Leiva Marinero].


We break the cycle of poverty so families and communities can thrive.


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boy holding quilt
Warm bedding. A swaddling cloth. Shelter from the elements. An LWR Quilt provides many blessings to people in need around the world.
Jennifer lies among the MR her family received from LWR in Daanbantayan, Cebu.
School Kits, Baby Care Kits, Fabric Kits and Personal Care Kits: Assemble ordinary items into extraordinary gifts of love for people coping with war, disaster and poverty.
Jose Martinez Flores, 70, is a farmer from Santa Isabel Community Jinotega, Nicaragua who grows coffee for LWR Farmers Market Coffee, a farmer-direct blend that is a partnership between Lutheran World Relief and Atlanta-based coffee roaster Thrive Farmers. In the photo he is showing his plantation that will be on harvest point at the end of year 2017. Jose is a father of 10 who has been farming coffee since the 1980s. Growing his coffee on his own land is a great source of pride for Jose, especially because he’s been able to share his land with his children so that they can become coffee producers as well. Jose is a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, community leader and farmer. Despite the evolving challenges to coffee production, he remains dedicated to growing only the
LWR Farmers Market Coffee is grown by farmers in LWR projects. That means your purchases help lift coffee farming families out of poverty!

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"Lutheran World Relief brings a level of accountability and thoughtfulness to their projects that you don’t always see elsewhere."

- John Tangren and Anne Choate, Faithful donors