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Values that Matter More

Some investment returns are greater than others.

What if your gift could transform lives, markets and communities in some of the poorest and remote places in the world? And what if that investment's yield could be reinvested year after year to break the cycle of poverty for more and more families?

Ground Up Investing LLC, Lutheran World Relief's for-profit impact-investing subsidiary, does just that: It helps grow local markets from the ground up, along with farmers' technical expertise, household income and prospects for the future.

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Help our impact-investing arm develop fair and principled markets, and advance communities from poverty to plenty. Consider a high-impact gift today and let our philanthropic advisors show you how your contribution generates unmatched returns.

Many securities offer financial opportunity.

Invest in values that matter more. 

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Hand in hand with farmers and farmers' cooperatives, we develop agricultural, financial and marketing expertise throughout the local economies of remote, hard-to-reach communities.


We provide access to financial capital through investments in enterprises that are need to support local agribusiness and help rural communities gain access to international markets.


As a for-profit enterprise, Ground Up Investing can remain in a community long enough to ensure agribusinesses and farmers are well-prepared to face future challenges. 

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