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Value Chains and Food Security

LWR believes that participation in agricultural value chains is vital to small-scale farmers’ income generation and food security.

Farmers’ Associations & Cooperatives

In Nicaragua, farmers’ associations are essential structures for helping small-scale farmers successfully participate in agriculture value chains. LWR works with associations and cooperatives to improve:

  • productivity,
  • quality, and
  • post-harvest processing and storage of crops.

LWR’s efforts:

  • emphasize environmentally sound agriculture practices , which
  • encourage sustained yields and organic and Fair Trade certifications, which
  • help producers achieve added value.

Engaging External Stakeholders

LWR also helps farmers’ associations and cooperatives engage with external stakeholders to increase their competitiveness in the national and international market.

In Nicaragua, LWR’s focus on agricultural value chains is complemented by efforts to:

  • help farmers diversify agricultural production,
  • improve on-farm processing and storage, and
  • promote better dietary practices for smallscale farmers and their families.

As a result, hundreds of families have achieved food security and are building resilience to climate-induced crop loss.

Resilience & Risk Reduction

LWR supports practices and technologies that allow rural communities to adapt to the effects of climate change, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and respond to climate-induced natural disasters.

Conservation & Diversification

Working with farmers directly, LWR promotes water conservation and crop diversification, including the introduction of drought and heat resistant varieties. This has reduced vulnerability to losses caused by unpredictable weather and has increased protection of water sources critical to crop production.

In addition, LWR promotes the use of new technologies such as ecological wet mills for coffee processing, which use 90 percent less water than traditional methods. LWR has also supported the installation of micro-hydro power generators for household electricity and the use of biodigesters connected to improved cook stoves, which reduce reliance on firewood.