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Dear Partner in Ministry,

Our work together has never been as important as it is now. At a time when global travel has been halted, our local staff is still on the ground ensuring that the love of U.S. Lutherans continues working in vulnerable communities to end poverty, injustice and human suffering.

We can’t do what we do without the support of your congregation. This webpage has been built specifically for congregational leaders to find powerful videos and resources to share with your congregation. Our goal is to equip you to tell the stories of how your congregation’s love can reach our most vulnerable neighbors around the world.

As a leader of your congregation, we know your time commitments and responsibilities run deep. Sign up for congregational leader updates and we’ll let you know when we have new resources ready for you.

At Lutheran World Relief, we are honored to be in partnership with you, helping your congregation see how they are a part of bringing God’s kingdom into this world. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Engage your congregation in God’s work

Watch and share

See how your generosity changes lives in real ways. Then share these videos with your congregation.

To download the video directly, visit https://photos.lwr.org/pages/view.php?ref=31511&k=2a04d10342.

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Your LOVE and GIFT will help those with the very least

Lutheran World Relief is here to carry the love of Lutheran congregations to the world… until your love reaches every neighbor.

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