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Lebanon is host to the highest number of Syrian refugees. As refugees struggle to establish a new life and source of income, many poor Lebanese families are also facing hardships finding employment.

Lutheran World Relief is providing Syrian refugees and poor Lebanese families with specialized agricultural training and employment opportunities, including an opportunity for women and men to learn how to produce crops in greenhouses. Their crops will become their source of income and provide much-needed nourishing food for their communities. We are also employing the local work force to repair and improve irrigation canals and water networks. This work is complemented by training in conflict resolution and prevention techniques, which helps these stressed local and refugee communities learn to work together.

Featured Projects
Agriculture for Peace

This project aims to provide both Syrian refugees and host communities in Lebanon with a sustainable source of income through training on crop production, quality control, and marketing. It also seeks to ease social tension between Lebanese locals and Syrian refugees through income generating collaborations.