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Let your love flourish by leaving a gift in your will to Lutheran World Relief

At Lutheran World Relief, we envision a future where everyone, everywhere can live full, dignified lives.

By leaving a gift in your will to Lutheran World Relief, you will join our Partners in Lasting Promise and leave your footprint in the future — ensuring your love continues to reach neighbors in need for years to come.

Once your family and loved ones are provided for, you can make provisions for neighbors who need it most. Leaving a share of your estate to Lutheran World Relief may be the most significant contribution that you can make to extend God's love to our most forsaken neighbors.

Your plans today create a brighter tomorrow

Estate planning can protect your assets, reduce your personal taxes and even increase your current income. It also enables Lutheran World Relief to plan for and commit to creating lasting solutions that will changes lives in the most forsaken areas of the world — now and into the future.

Please take a moment to consider how you want to help improve the lives of others through a gift in your will.

Turn your gift into a lasting promise 

Where there is a need, Lutheran World Relief will find a way to respond. We save lives in the poorest parts of the world, where families are suffering, cut off from basic resources and often forgotten. We help hungry families grow enough food to nourish themselves and earn a living we help the sick access the medicine and care they need to get well. We aid neighbors in crisis to get immediate assistance and prepare for the next unexpected challenge so families and communities can thrive.

When Achola Josephine fled the war in South Sudan, she didn't know what would await her family at the refugee camp in Uganda. They have known hunger, danger, loss and fear. Today they also know they are loved, because your generosity ensures they have enough food to eat and clean water to drink. Now her children have the opportunity to play, go to school and grow up healthy — a generation full of hope.

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We make writing your will easy

Creating a will or trust is an important way to extend your love into the future for those you care about most, and it is your choice how you do it. Use our free online service, or consult with your legal professional.

Write your will today with our free online will-writing service

Lutheran World Relief has partnered with FreeWill to provide an online resource to assist you in writing your free legal will. It includes all the necessary language to help you share your love with our most forsaken neighbors and takes just 20 minutes or less. FreeWill can be used with or without an attorney and is offered to supporters of Lutheran World Relief entirely free.

Write your will today for free

Join our Partners in Lasting Promise

Join Partners in Lasting Promise by leaving a gift in your will to Lutheran World Relief. In return you can expect:

  • Dedicated support from the Planned Giving Manager

  • Advice and support on estate planning

  • Periodic communications detailing our lifesaving work

  • Information and stories about how Gifts in Wills are extending God's love and saving lives

We are here to support you! If you require any further information or would like to speak to the team, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Lee Grant,Planned Giving Manager
Planned Giving

Partners in Lasting Promise

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