Where giving grows: Pennsylvania couple puts plans in place to care for future generations

Jill Meuser and Gary McKown knew where to turn when they were looking to invest in the future.

"We trust in Lutheran World Relief to represent us well now and into the future," Jill says.

That’s why the Pennsylvania couple is leaving a share of their estate to Lutheran World Relief.

Faithful supporters for 40 years, Jill and Gary have been a part of Lutheran World Relief’s journey since the beginning.

Jill’s paternal grandfather, Henry William Christian Meuser, who was born in Germany and moved to the United States in 1909 at 21 years old, worked as a butcher before becoming a pastor. She was told that he prayed for those at war during World War I, referring to the US servicemen as “our boys.”

After World War II and the refugee crisis that emerged in Europe, family connections reached out to Jill’s grandfather for help. At the same time, Lutherans all over the U.S. were also trying to figure out how to support their neighbors overseas, which led to the creation of Lutheran World Relief.

Since then, the organization has grown and continued to respond to humanitarian crises all around the world.

An organization like Lutheran World Relief needs to be nimble and respond where need is greatest, Jill says.

"We entrust our gift to you without restriction, knowing it will change the lives of future generations.”

Having no children of their own, they want to support those in need, particularly women and children. They’re also interested in the areas of health and development.

They chose to leave a gift in their will to Lutheran World Relief because it’s part of who they are.

“By leaving a share from our estate, we know our little bit will be added to lots of other little bits and will be multiplied by Lutheran World Relief to have a huge impact on the lives of others,” Jill says.

They hope others will be inspired to do the same and add their little bit to help safeguard the future of others.

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