Clean water for drinking underpins health initiatives, and during the Ebola crisis in North Kivu IMA pushed to strengthen the foundations of preventative health care in the region.

Leaving a gift to Lutheran World Relief in your will enables you to make an impact beyond your lifetime to help people you have never met, in places you may never visit, such as Musayi Kyakiwa and her baby in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (Sean Hawkey for LWR)

Georgia couple enjoys a lifetime of giving, a legacy of hope

John and Ruth Lange's support for Lutheran World Relief has often spilled well beyond their church's front door and into their living room, with cartons, bags, towels and more goods collected for kits stacked high.

Yet it's a gift they will never see that may make the longest-lasting difference.

"LWR is going to be around and the need is still going to be there," John said about the decision to leave a legacy gift to Lutheran World Relief. "I know they will keep finding new ways of helping."

The couple retired from federal service and re-located from Northern Virginia to Georgia to be closer to their grandchildren. All the while they kept up their support for Lutheran World Relief.

"It seems like you don't ever really miss the money," Ruth said. "Every year there's plenty for us to have a very nice life, why not share?"

John and Ruth Lange have ensured their love for neighbors in need will last longer than a lifetime.

The Lange's generosity is matched by the enthusiasm with which they talk about Lutheran World Relief’s work. Both John and Ruth worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and they are keenly aware of the challenges faced by small-holder farmers in poorer countries. They stay abreast of challenges of sourcing clean water, improved seeds that fight drought and other measures their love makes possible through Lutheran World Relief.

The couple's continued support and understanding of the difference loving their neighbors makes will be punctuated by their choice to leave a gift to Lutheran World Relief.

"We just hope it makes more improvements to the countries where people need help," Ruth said of their decision.

"We talk about leaving a legacy," John said. "But what I really hope is it just gives hope to people, somehow."

Your love for neighbors can last beyond a lifetime

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