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Our Work in Peru

Lutheran World Relief  has worked in Peru since 1979, specializing in interventions that increase small-scale farmers’ capacity to: improve production quantity and quality; expand markets in rural production; assist communities to enhance their natural resource management; and increase the effectiveness of public and private investments in rural development initiatives. LWR works with local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), governments and associative rural enterprises as well as directly with farmers in an array of value chains to implement contextually-adapted interventions including sustainable climate-smart agriculture, income diversification, post-harvest processing, financial services, marketing, and increased organizational capacity.

Recognizing that extractive industries of natural resources are a permanent feature of the Peruvian economy, LWR encourages involvement of responsible mining stakeholders in local development projects. This encourages a legitimate dialogue between the mining companies and local Peruvian people.

Climate change: adaptation

In the high Andes, short-term climate variations such as El Niño coupled with long-term variations attribute to the changing global climate patterns of that area. The hanges mean an increased competition for water as well as a direct source of conflict between those working in agriculture and those working in the mining industry.

Agriculture value chain development: cocoa

In an effort to reduce reliance on illicit crops for rural livelihoods, LWR is promoting commercial cultivation of cocoa as an alternative, legal, high-value cash crop. LWR not only forms strategic partnerships to assure the selling of products and their profit re-investment into communities, but also recognizes innovative private sector investments towards inclusive economic growth for the communities within which they work.

Agriculture value chain development: dairy

In Cajamarca, LWR is working to improve household incomes from the artisanal dairy value chain by improving small-scale dairy production as well as cheese quality standards. The sale of artisan cheeses is a viable alternative for boosting income and enables families to purchase foods they do not produce locally. By improving herd management, promoting better milking practices, forming producer’s associations and enhancing marketing capacities, LWR assists families to realize increased incomes from milk and cheese production by 80% and 42%, respectively.

Agriculture: food security

LWR works to improve the food security and living conditions of high-Andean agricultural producers of Peru. For over 30 years LWR has significantly increased the output and the diversity of traditional farm plots and linked producers with commercial markets for their products. We have successfully implemented small-scale technical irrigation systems, on-farm compost production, positioning of traditional products into commercial markets and increased household vegetable cultivation.

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