• Where We Work


Lutheran World Relief began working in Guatemala in the 1990s and has maintained a steady presence in the country since 2017.

Our programs in agriculture, climate change adaptation and emergency response help struggling rural communities make the most of their agricultural resources and assets. 

We help farming families in Guatemala increase the quality and yield of their crops, access sources of credit and sell their produce in bigger and more profitable markets. We help families become better equipped to cope with changing climate conditions by promoting environmentally sustainable and agricultural practices, including introducing high-quality, resilient crop varieties.

With specific expertise in Latin America’s cocoa sector, we are restoring fragile ecosystems and establishing cocoa as a lucrative cash crop in the country. We work directly with farmer organizations to introduce effective production methodologies that are making cocoa an engine of inclusive economic growth.

And in times of extreme crisis, Lutheran World Relief responds to the immediate needs of communities through cash-for-work initiatives focused on environmental rehabilitation, which allow families to purchase food and other essentials while improving their community infrastructure.