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people living in poverty

Help Us Reach More
  • Greenhouses unite Syrian refugees & Lebanese farmers

    An incredible partnership that is producing income and friendship — all by way of a greenhouse.

  • Home is where the hope is

    Refugees from South Sudan are growing thriving gardens at a settlement in northern Uganda.

  • Creating hope and opportunity in Mosul, Iraq

    Your gifts support three community centers providing training to help people create their own jobs.

  • Creating a brighter future for youth in Latin America

    Farming has the potential to help young people living in extreme poverty change their lives.

Give Where Needed Most

Treat the #coffee lover in your life to an LWR Farmers Market Coffee Gift Set! For $25 you get 2 bags of delicious coffee, a mug, & the satisfaction of benefiting the hard-working farmer who grew it. Order by 12/15 for Christmas delivery. https://t.co/77KnWG3YYi https://t.co/x2pxWTMfT7

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I support LWR because…

Lutheran World Relief brings a level of accountability and thoughtfulness to their projects that you don’t always see elsewhere.

John Tangren and Anne Choate, faithful donors Read More
Emergency Response

In a World of Crisis,
Do a World of Good

Your gift to our emergency response fund provides families
with the life-saving support they need right now.