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Piece Corps Members (Lena, IL)

The Piece Corps: Four Decades of Service

The nation was two years from its 200th birthday when the women’s group chair at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Lena, Ill., called Joyce Tessendorf and asked if she would take on a sewing project. Lutheran World Relief needed quilts. Forty-three years later the Piece Corps is still at it, producing about 14 a week. […]

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Gladys Hansen and Valders, WI Quilters

38 Years and 30 Miles of Quilts

Gladys Hansen has been the quilting coordinator at Faith Lutheran Church in Valders, Wisconsin, since 1979. ­ Thirty-eight years and 23,865 quilts later, she and her group of nine other quilters are still creating hundreds of the covers annually, all for Lutheran World Relief to deliver to our brothers and sisters in need around the [...]Read More...

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A woman with her daughter shows off her LWR Quilt at the Arunima Hospice.

Your Quilts Bring Comfort to Hospice Residents in India

A recent distribution of LWR Mission Quilts brought color, warmth and comfort to families in India. Here, an 11-year-old girl, who lives at the Arunima Hospice, hugs her quilt. The hospice gives shelter to children, including this whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS, which carries a powerful stigma in India.   A 1-month-old baby [...]Read More...

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View from left rear corner of church with quilts on every other chair

Blessing of the Quilts, 2017

Quilts have played a major part of Lutheran World Relief’s mission since our founding in 1945. That means, for over 70 years, quilters across the country have lovingly stitched thousands upon thousands of quilts for distribution as part of LWR’s many projects. Their quilts have traveled all over the world, from Peru to India to [...]Read More...

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When Women Gather

When Women Gather, Great Things Happen!

Ahh, summer. Full of sunshine, travel, friends, family, and, for LWR staff and many of you — events!  This past summer, we had the privilege of attending two of our favorites — the national gatherings for the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) and the Women of the ELCA. These events are always full of faithful [...]Read More...

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Quilts being unloaded in Cebu, Philippines

Here’s Where Your Quilts & Kits Went in 2016

In 2016, thanks to the generosity of Lutherans all across the United States, Lutheran World Relief shipped 534,144 Quilts & Kits to 16 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. That’s amazing! We give thanks to all the quilters and kit-makers who gather throughout the year to assemble these gifts of love for our [...]Read More...

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Grannies and campers pose with each camper’s individual quilt. In the foreground, the group’s LWR Quilt is coming together.

Quilting with the Grannies

A SPECIAL EVENT has been happening at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chapel Hill, N.C., for the past three years: a week-long intergenerational quilting camp called “Quilting with the Grannies.” The camp started three years ago and involves the “Grannies” of the Holy Trinity Quilters teaching the younger children in their church and greater community. [...]Read More...

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Baby Care Kits soaked by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti dry in the sunshine. Generous community members washed the baby clothing, blankets and diapers, reassembled the kits, and distributed them to families in critical need. (Photo: Lutheran World Federation)

Being Prepared

“BE PREPARED” – it’s the Boy Scouts’ motto, and our pantries, tornado shelters and “car trunk emergency supplies” all seem to affirm the fact that having some necessities on hand in case of an emergency is a good idea. In relief work, we call that idea preparedness and in LWR projects around the world, preparedness [...]Read More...

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Inside an LWR Quilt and Kit Distribution

BRENDA MEIER KIMARO worked for Lutheran World Relief for 12 years, working closely with LWR’s Quilt & Kit Ministry for many of those years. Now, Brenda lives in Tanzania and serves as a trustee of ELIMAA School, a pre-primary school in the village of Kwa Morombo, outside of Arusha, Tanzania. EIMAA School provides education for students whose [...]Read More...

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Sandra Osgood shows off a closet filled with donated quilting supplies

A Quilting Milestone in Northwest Michigan

The quilters from Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Traverse City, Mich., quilted and donated their 12,000th Quilt this October — a milestone in the journey of needlework the group has been dedicated to for nearly 40 years. The meticulous records of quilter Jane Witkop have tracked the group’s annual contributions to LWR and to other local [...]Read More...

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