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Tracking Your Quilts and Kits Across the Globe

Since its inception in 2013, more than 2,280 congregations have used the LWR Quilt & Kit Tracker to see where their gifts of love go and who they help.

The LWR Quilt & Kit Tracker is one way we try to make the world between us a little bit smaller, by connecting the tireless efforts of people who make quilts and assemble kits with the people around the world who receive them with joy and gratitude.

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Log In

In order to use the LWR Quilt & Kit Tracker, you must log into the system by clicking the green START TRACK button below. You'll be redirected to the Tracker portal, where you'll use the following information to log-in: 

Username: Donor01

Password: 2012BSC

Start Track

Find your Congregation's
Donor ID

To find your congregation's Donor ID number:

  • Click on Find our Donor ID.
  • Enter your zip code and click on View Report.
  • Your ID number will pop up on a second tab. Please remember to write your ID number down.

Note: If your congregation does not appear, please contact LWR and we will add you to the system. It's best to plan ahead to make sure everything is in place when you are ready to print your labels.

Create Bar Codes for
Your Boxes

In order to accurately track shipments you’ll need to print a barcode for each box you wish to follow.

Important: You must include all the information for the box in the barcode. If you write in any information later, the scanners at the warehouse will not be able to read the handwritten information.

To create a barcode label for a complete box:

  1. Click on Print Barcode Box Labels.
  2. Enter your ID number at the top and fill out the fields at the top according to what’s in the box. Recording the weight of the box is optional. Note: if you have several boxes that are the same — for example 10 boxes of five Quilts each – you may make high quality copies of the same label for each of those boxes. It is critical that the quality of the copies is good so that the scanners can read them.
  3. When you’re finished click View Report.

To print the label:

  1. IMPORTANT: Do not simply use the print feature in your browser to print the screen. Parts of the label will be cut off and will not be scannable.
  2. Click on the small, square disk icon in the center of the page (just above the bar code report).
  3. Select PDF from the drop down menu.
  4. A PDF will open and you can print from there.

    Note: If your browser is set to block pop-up windows, the PDF may not open without your approval. Look around the perimeter of the window to see if there are any notes about approving pop-ups.

Again, items must be sorted into boxes by item type and each box must have its own barcode to ensure accurate tracking.

To begin a new barcode for a new set of items, simply repeat the steps in this section.

Once you’ve printed the labels, cut the page in half on the dotted line – each half should look identical. Tape one half on the outside of the box and place the other half inside the box. From there, you can deliver your boxes to your local Ingathering or one of LWR’s warehouses (see Page 14 for instructions).

Track How Much You’ve Donated

Another great feature of the Quilt & Kit Tracker is that you can track how much you’ve donated since you began using it. To do so, log onto the Tracker portal and click “Our Total Donations.” Then, do the following:

  1. Clear the area where it says Donor ID and then place your ID number there.
  2. For the date range enter the date you first started using the Tracker (you can estimate) and the current day. You can also adjust this range to narrow your results. Be sure to include the year.
  3. Once you’ve entered your dates click View Report. You can also keep this report to share! Use the instructions from Step Three to print or save your report.

Please note that your gifts will not appear online until they are scanned at the warehouse in Maryland or Minnesota.

Tracking Where Your
Donations Went

To track where your donations travel in the world, log in to the Tracker portal and click Where Our Quilts and Kits Have Gone. Then, do the following:

  1. Clear the area where it says Donor ID and place your ID there.
  2. Enter the range of dates you’re interested in seeing. If you want to see just where the last batch of donations went, make the range narrower (the date of your Ingathering and today’s date, for example). If you want to see where your quilts and kits have traveled since you started using the Tracker, then enter an earlier start date. Be sure to include the year.
  3. Once you’ve entered your dates and click View Report you should see where your quilts and kits have gone! You can also print or save this report so you can share it with everyone in your community!
  • LWR has pioneered an effort to inform donors about the final destination of their donated items. We understand how important and heart-warming it is to know who received a quilt or kit. Unfortunately our current system has faced many challenges over the years. We apologize. Your feedback has been crucial to our ongoing efforts to improve the Tracker System. We are exploring alternative methods for tracking items, and we hope to have the research completed soon. In an effort to be transparent, please know that current use of the Tracker System is inconsistent. Your continued feedback is helpful.

Do we have to use the Quilt & Kit Tracker?

No, the LWR Quilt & Kit Tracker is not a requirement for donating. It’s simply a way for you to know where your gifts go around the world. We encourage you to give it a try!

How long does it take for quilts and kits to appear in the Tracker?

It could take six to nine months for your quilts and kits to appear in the Tracker system. This is because the Minnesota and Maryland warehouses must first scan the barcodes. The scanning process can take a little longer during the peak months of March, May, October and November.

Why doesn’t the number of quilts and kits on the Tracker website match the number of gifts we sent?

Sometimes your quilts and kits are not processed together, which means that some gifts are separated and shipped to different countries during different times of the year.

Why can’t we find our church in the Tracker system?

Your church’s information may not have been added to the system. We’re happy to update your information if you give us a call at 800.597.5972.

Will our church receive any notification when our quilts and kits have been scanned and shipped?

Yes! Your church will receive a letter once your quilts and kits have been processed, and a second letter when they are loaded onto the container to head overseas.

Can the same label be used on each box?

If the contents of each box are exactly identical (for example, six School Kits in each box), then you may make high-quality copies of the same label for each box. If box items are not identical (do not contain the same amount or type of item), please use a new label for each box, listing the box contents.