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Quilt Filler Tips

Tips for Affordable Quilt Filler

It’s important that all Mission Quilts donated to Lutheran World Relief are made to provide warmth—quilts are not sorted in the warehouse by weight. Even in tropical countries it gets cool at night and local people feel the coolness more acutely than a person in a colder climate. We have found that no matter where the quilts go, people use them for warmth. For that reason, affordable, suitable filler is a necessity.

Thanks to everyone who wrote and emailed with your ideas for Quilt filler:

  • Carol Rodine, from Minnesota, shares that their group re-purposes nursing home and hospital bath sheets and warming blankets into filler. Make sure to use adequate layers for a warm filling based on the thickness and material of these items.
  • A special memorial fund was established at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Delafield, Wisconsin, to assist with the purchase of quilt batting.
  • Jackie Mortenson from the “Quilt Squares” of First Lutheran Church of Crystal in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, suggests watching for 50% off coupons from JoAnn Fabrics and other fabric or craft supply stores for good savings on quilt batting. Also, the women’s group at First Lutheran includes the quilting project in their annual budget to purchase supplies and sells some of their quilts to raise money for batting (this is also a good way to raise funds for LWR’s Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund). The Quilt Squares have also received funds from Thrivent Financial to assist with their costs.
  • Myrna Lou Meyer from Oklahoma suggests asking local hotels and motels for old blankets to use as middles.
  • Several quilters, including Nancy Scheele of Oregon and Connie Gerken of Colorado, shared that they purchase reasonably priced quilt batting from Oklee Quilting Supply in Oklee, Minnesota. You can contact Oklee at 1-800-777-7403. Ask for their 60″ wide batting for mission quilts.

More ideas are always welcome!

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