• Creating opportunity in Central America's Northern Triangle

    Hope at Home

The countries of Central America’s Northern Triangle — El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras — are witnessing historic levels of migration.

The arrival of tens of thousands of families at the U.S. southern border, where many seek asylum, has precipitated a humanitarian crisis.

These families are fleeing situations of extreme poverty and violence that threaten their lives. The decision to leave their homelands and travel hundreds of miles through perilous conditions is not one that was easily or casually made. Ask any of these families and they would likely say that given better and more hopeful circumstances, they would prefer to have the opportunity to thrive in their home country.

A relatively small investment in these communities can offer that hope. Lutheran World Relief works with dozens of local NGOs, farmer cooperatives, local governments, churches and private enterprise to strengthen the economies of these Central American communities and build resilience and stability to build their lives – not in a foreign land, but at home.


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