Photo Friday: Mission Quilts in Tanzania

Mr. Issa Ali is a resident in a home for the elderly in Tanzania. The Mission Quilt and a Personal Care Kit towel that he received from LWR are draped across his bed. He enthusiastically told LWR staff, "Naipenda sana blanketi hii!" which translates to "I like this blanket very much!" (There's not a word in Swahili that translates precisely to "quilt," so they are often referred to as blankets.)
Over the course of six months, LWR is distributing Quilts & Kits to approximately 56,000 elderly folks, orphans, people living with HIV/AIDS, and others living in care centers in Tanzania. Two shipments have already arrived, and a third is schedule to arrive in March. These Quilts & Kits will be distributed by LWR's partner in Tanzania, the Christian Council of Tanzania-WAMA (CCT-WAMA).