A migrant from Syria walks along rail tracks with his son as they arrive to a collection point in the village of Roszke in Hungary after crossing the border from Serbia, September 6, 2015, . Thousands of refugees and migrants streamed into Germany on Sunday, many traveling through Austria from Hungary where they had been stranded against their will for days, while European Union governments argue over how to respond. REUTERS/Marko Djurica

LWR has been supporting Syrian refugees fleeing the violence from the civil war and the Islamic State (IS) since 2011 and supporting internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Syria since 2015. Syrians remain in danger and continue to struggle to meet their basic needs, both in country and as they seek asylum elsewhere. Read the latest updates about the crisis.

Through livelihood programming and basic needs support in Syria, Jordan and Iraq, LWR has reached more than 340,000 people affected by the crisis in Syria.

In Syria, LWR helps families access food and earn income.

LWR worked with a partner on the ground in Syria to offer 13 cash-for-work activities designed to ease the economic strain on IDPs, who have few income-generating options, by providing them the opportunity to work on community development projects, such as building or restoring community centers, nurseries, hospitals, community kitchens, and a workshop to repair and distribute second-hand clothing.

In Jordan, LWR is offering 16 workshops to train 400 Syrian women refugees on how to start their own business and will train 48 volunteers from these workshops to support the distributing of material resources, such as LWR Personal Care Kits and clothes, to nearly 26,000 Syrians refugees in the country.

In the Dohuk region of northern Iraq (Kurdistan), LWR has partnered with LWF to support 2,656 refugees, IDPs and members of host communities (52% of which are women) to increase food security, offer community-based psychosocial support, improve water systems and sanitation, and restore livelihoods through skills trainings. To meet some of the ongoing basic needs of Syrian refugees and IDPs, LWR has and will continue to ship Mission Quilts, Baby Care Kits, School Kits and Personal Care Kits to Armenia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Serbia and Syria. LWR is also supporting ACT Alliance members in providing humanitarian support to refugees fleeing to Europe. ACT members are providing hygiene items, winter coats and blankets, emergency shelter and psychosocial support in Hungary, Serbia and Greece.

We are constantly monitoring this complex crisis and are continuing to exploring new partnerships and avenues for supporting refugees and those internally displaced by the conflict.




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