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    Project Bridge FAQ's

Who is Project Bridge for in my congregation?

Project Bridge is designed as an experience for all ages beginning around age 14. Project Bridge is designed specifically with an intergenerational audience in mind, gathering together young and old in your congregation.

How long does Project Bridge take?

From the time you begin your congregation’s planning to when you have met your Project Bridge fundraising goal can take an estimated 13 weeks. The experience of Project Bridge contains 6 missions for your team to participate in, which run for 30 – 45 minutes each. These have been created to be executed once a week, but as a leader you can determine if your congregation and team would be better served by condensing these 6 missions into 3 gatherings or into 1 long retreat.

Why do we fundraise for Project Bridge?

The educational experience found in Project Bridge will be most effective by creating a core intergenerational team that will lead your congregation in making a difference in global poverty. Paired together with our peer-to-peer team giving pages, your team’s experience will make an immediate impact by inviting others to support the work of Lutheran World Relief around the world.

Where do we fundraise for Project Bridge?

Lutheran World Relief has provided an easy way for your Project Bridge team to share the story of their experience and encourage others to support you in reaching your giving goal. Go here to set up your team giving page. Share your team’s specific URL so your team members can set up their own individual giving page, which will be connected to your team giving page. Set up your team’s Project Bridge giving goal. And then invite your congregation, family and friends to join you in this mission.

Can we designate our giving to Project Bridge to a specific country or project?

Gifts given to meet your Project Bridge goal go to Lutheran World Relief’s general fund supporting the greatest needs of the organization, meeting our mission to end poverty, injustice and human suffering. If your congregation would like to give to specific projects around the world we have programs like Cornerstone Congregations and Partnership India-Nepal.

I’ve lost my link to the resources page I was emailed after signing up for Project Bridge.

This happens to all of us. Not to worry, just email Chandler Carriker and we will get you back on the bridge.

I have more questions or feedback for LWR about Project Bridge.

Great, we want to hear them! We want to learn from you so this experience for your congregation just keeps getting better. Email any questions and feedback to Cari Armstrong.

Cari Armstrong,Senior Program Associate for Outreach and Engagement carmstrong@lwr.org