All six Project Bridge missions have the following elements:


Time to start with prayer, to review your goal and strategy and to review what you shared on social media leading up to this mission.


Each mission features an Explainer Video, which introduces a root cause of global poverty and sets your team up for a hands-on experience that brings each cause to life. These hands-on experiences will help create empathy in your team and illuminate solutions for solving the complexity of global poverty.

Bible Study

All that your Project Bridge Team achieves is in response to the grace that has first been given us by Jesus. Explore the Bible to see how our call to respond to grace on behalf of the global poor is central to this life-giving story.

Next Mission

Reflect on your mission, get ready for your next mission and revisit your goal and strategy.


Download our sample mission below and get started on your journey of world impact.

Project Bridge Mission #1- Uganda: Poverty

Download Now Sep 24, 2018