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We need your help to build School Kits

Whether you make one or a few Lutheran World Relief School Kits as a solo kit-maker, or make hundreds as part of a kit assembly with your congregation, each School Kit you make will be cherished by the person who receives it. Check out the School Kit Resources below and be sure to join our LWR Quilters and Kit-Makers Facebook group to learn, share and fellowship with others who are putting their faith into action making LWR School Kits.

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What you'll need

Here are some items you will need for each kit. 
View our detailed School Kit instructions:

LWR School Kit FAQs

How do I know if the scissors are too sharp?

Only scissors with rounded ends should be included. Please do not include scissors with pointed ends.

Do you accept the 64 pack of crayons?

Please do not include a 64-pack of crayons, because we want to ensure equity at distributions.

Can I include two large notebooks instead of four small ones?

No, please include only the four small notebooks requested, because we want to ensure equity at distributions.

Do you accept packs of notebook paper?

Please do not include loose-leaf paper in LWR School Kits.

Is it okay to send glue?

Glue should not be included in LWR School Kits.

Does the ruler have to show inches and centimeters?

Rulers must show centimeters; it is okay to also show inches, but it is not required.

Have Questions?

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