Packing your quilts and kits

Once you’ve made your quilts and kits, the next step is to get them packed and sent to one of our warehouses for processing and shipping overseas.

  • Pack completed quilts and kits separately in boxes. Please pack like items together (pack School Kits separately from Personal Care Kits, etc.).
  • Label each box in LARGE, BLOCK LETTERS with the contents and the name and address of your congregation, or use our LWR Quilt & Kit Tracker to create box labels so you can track where in the world your quilts and kits are shipped.
  • Use strong cartons secured with packing tape, not exceeding 40 pounds.
  • Do not use plastic or paper bags to pack donations.

How to ship quilts and kits

There are two options for getting your quilts and kits to Lutheran World Relief: ship or deliver them directly to one of our warehouses, or take them to a local collection event, called an LWR Ingathering.

1. LWR warehouses

Drop off your boxes at the LWR warehouse closest to you, or ship them prepaid to:

  • Lutheran World Relief
    398 East Richmond Street
    South St. Paul, MN 55075 USA
  • Lutheran World Relief
    601 Main Street PO Box 188
    New Windsor, MD 21776 USA

The warehouses accept items year-round. If you are dropping items off, please call ahead for driving directions and hours of operation.

2. LWR Ingatherings

An Ingathering is a regional collection event where quilters and kit-makers can drop off their donations to be delivered to LWR’s Maryland or Minnesota warehouse. Ingatherings allow many people to send their donations of quilts and kits together in a coordinated and efficient manner, saving time and money.
Click here for a list of Ingathering locations and dates.

No Ingatherings near you? Consider starting one! New volunteers are always welcome to help organize local collections.

Call 800.597.5972 or contact us to learn about starting an Ingathering in your area. 

Track your quilts and kits across the globe

Use our online Tracker to follow your quilts’ and kits’ journey to the people who will receive them.


Ensure LWR Quilts & Kits reach those most in need

Your gifts to the Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund make ensure LWR Mission Quilts reach people coping with poverty, disaster, conflict and more.

  • $27 delivers 12 LWR Mission Quilts where needed most.
  • $105 ships 75 LWR School Kits to children displaced by disaster.
  • $500 honors a special person with an engraved brick at LWR headquarters.
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