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Cleanliness may not actually be next to godliness, but it certainly helps a person feel more human. When families find their homes destroyed, or must flee for their safety, soap and a towel rarely make the cut for what they can carry. Arriving in a refugee camp or other place of safety, they are scared, vulnerable and dirty from the travel. The simple items included in a Personal Care Kit provide much-needed self care, critical germ fighting supplies and the chance for our neighbors in need to regain dignity amidst fear and uncertainty.

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Personal Care Kits help dairy farmers improve their standard of living in the Peruvian Andes

Soap, towels, toothbrushes and combs. These simple gifts improve the standard of living for people around the world. In the Andes, these kits are helping dairy farmers practice proper hygiene and, in turn, improve their dairy products through sanitary milking practices.< /p>

We can’t control when disasters strike and we can’t end poverty overnight. But there are things we can do now to help people around the world reach their full potential. Learn how simple items can transform lives and how you can too.

Learn more about LWR Mission Quilts: https://lwr.org/quilts
Learn more about building Kits of Care: https://lwr.org/quilts-and-kits
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Video by Sara Fajardo, for LWR.

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Church members of all ages can help make LWR Personal Care Kits

Cambridge Lutheran Church in Cambridge, Minnesota, puts faith into action through service in big ways. Each year, they donate around 1,500 quilts and kits to LWR as a gift of love to their neighbors around the world. 

Leaders of the congregation’s Quilt & Kit Ministry come in all ages and have one thing in common: passion for sharing God’s love with the world. 

Christian Wiebe, a young man who volunteers his time assembling Personal Care Kits, says “I believe these kits do have impact. For one, I don’t like having dirty hands, and two, I don’t like getting sick. I cannot imagine…not having access to something as simple as soap. If I can change [that for someone], I will try.”