Fabric Kit Instructions

We Need Your Help
to Build Fabric Kits

The Fabric Kits make it possible to train and support students and individuals, especially at-risk young women, and facilitate their access to employment. As demand grows, we need volunteers to make Fabric Kits.

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LWR Fabric Kit FAQs

Can I include extra spools of thread?

Please include only two spools of thread as the assembly instructions indicate. When all kits contain the same items, recipient are treated equally and fairly, which is important for those who have already experienced a great deal of injustice or tragedy.

Does the fabric have to be cotton?

Please include only cotton or cotton blend fabric in the kits (no knit or 100% polyester). Cotton is the most versatile fabric choice and easiest for sewing students to learn with.

Does the fabric have to be new?

Fabric does not have to be new but must be like new, in the correct size and without stains, tears or holes.

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