Baby Care Kit Instructions

We need your help to build ​​​​​​​Baby Care Kits

Whether you make one or a few Lutheran World Relief Baby Care Kits as a solo kit-maker, or make hundreds as part of a kit assembly with your congregation, every kit you make will be cherished by person who receives it in their time of need. Check out the Baby Care Kit Resources below and be sure to join our LWR Quilters and Kit-Makers Facebook group to learn, share and fellowship with others who are putting their faith into action making LWR Baby Care Kits.

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What you'll need

Here are some items you will need for each kit. 
View our detailed Baby Care Kit instructions:

LWR Baby Care Kit FAQs

Do you accept items with small stains?

Please do not include any stained items in the Baby Care Kit, no matter how small the stains. Used clothing is increasingly difficult to get through customs in many countries. Even one item that looks worn or stained to local officials can jeopardize the status of an entire shipment.

Is it okay to send onesies?

Please do not include onesies in Baby Care Kits. Babies quickly outgrow onesies, whereas they can wear t-shirts for a longer period of time, maximizing the usefulness of the Baby Care Kit. Onesies can easily be converted to t-shirts. Watch our Tips & Tricks video to learn how

Is fleece okay to use for the receiving blankets?

The receiving blankets in Baby Care Kits should be made using cotton, flannel or lightweight yarn.

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