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Lutheran World Relief has been working in Nepal since 2009, reaching indigenous, Dalit and marginalized communities with programs in agriculture and food security, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, and emergency response. 

Our holistic approach — which incorporates gender equity and opportunities for youth — helps communities to build the resilience they need to thrive.

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Our holistic approach — which incorporates gender equity and opportunities for youth — helps communities to build the resilience they need to thrive.

In Nepal, we develop and implement programs that create linkages along value chains — including citrus crops and coffee — that benefit smallholder farming families. We work alongside communities to help farmers replace decades-old farming methods with climate-smart sustainable solutions and improve yields and quality to ultimately generate higher income. We show farming families how to diversify the crops they grow and consume, and how to protect the land from environmental degradation.

In Nepal, where women are especially vulnerable to poverty, Lutheran World Relief develops programs to empower and enable women to support themselves financially.

Nepal is highly prone to both natural and human-made disasters. Lutheran World Relief partners with communities in Nepal to increase preparedness and improve resources available for disaster recovery.  We also work in the urban areas of Kathmandu and Lalitpur to improve the capacities of local disaster management committees and communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. We introduce clean energy technologies — such as improved cook stoves, micro-hydro electric generators, bio-gas infrastructure, and solar panels — that reduce the need to cut down trees for fuel, which, in turn, reduces deforestation.

In the aftermath of a disaster, Lutheran World Relief provides immediate aid — like food, water household essentials, shelter construction materials and support for livelihood recovery. In 2014 and 2017, we responded to communities affected by the severe flooding in Bardiya and Nawalparasi districts. And after the devastating earthquakes in 2015, we reached families with immediate aid and long-term recovery support.

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Transboundary Flood Resilience

Through the Transboundary Flood Resilience (TBR) project, Lutheran World Relief is assisting communities located along the India-Nepal border to better prepare for and strengthen their resilience to the devastating effects of annual flooding. We aim to create and improve upon the following in project communities: financial safety nets, flood resilient livelihoods, disaster risk reduction (DRR) practices, community-based flood early warning systems (EWS), citizen advocacy forums, and public-private sector support. We believe these six elements constitute the pillars of a flood resilient community and can be replicated in other flood-prone areas to the same effect.