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Helping Hungry Families in Haiti

Lindor Wisly stands in the warehouse of his coffee cooperative in Dondon, Haiti. With your support, Lindor has been able to earn enough income to care for his family, including his mother, and send his son to school. (Photo by Allison Shelley, for LWR)

Lindor Wisly lives with his wife and children in Dondon, Haiti. He and his family depend on their coffee crops as the main portion of their household income. But up until recently, climate change, crop disease and other factors limited Lindor’s ability to make a living. He’d work up to 16 hours a day and have little to show for it.

But with your gift today, farmers like Lindor can improve their coffee crops.  

Help Hungry Families!

The support of friends like you has already made a tremendous difference in Lindor’s life. With your help he’s learned:

  • To combat crop disease and pests that threaten his coffee trees
  • Important agricultural techniques that increase the yield and value of his coffee crop
  • Crop diversification, so that now he grows fruits and vegetables for his family to eat and sell for income

Now Lindor reports he can provide for his family’s needs. He’s proud of his farm and excited about the future he’s building on it – especially for his young son.

The son of coffee farmer Lindor Wisly (right) stands with another child from the community of Dondon, Haiti. Although the boy on the left is three years older, lack of food may have contributed to his smaller size.
The son of coffee farmer Lindor Wisly (right) stands with another child from the community of Dondon, Haiti.

“One thing that makes me feel really proud is that I can take care of my child’s needs,” he says, “If he tells me he needs something, the minute he asks, I buy it for him. That makes me happy.”

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The majority of the world’s coffee is produced by small-scale farmers who rely on their land to feed and support their families. Your gift today helps families like Lindor’s get the most out of their land, cope with crop disease and changing weather patterns, and lift their families out of poverty.

Help Hungry Families!

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