Lutheran World Relief's Quilt & Kit Ministry continues to reach global neighbors in Ukraine and around the world.

Lutherans like you are a force for sweeping positive change around the world

For three generations — more than 75 years — compassionate and generous people like you have shared your God-given spirit of love and leadership, putting Lutherans at the forefront of global service.

You have walked alongside neighbors in need, helping them endure hardships, providing refuge and developing lifesaving solutions. Time and again, you have shown that caring for others is an expression of who you are as a person and as a Lutheran. 

And you did it again last year. Your love and generosity shine Christ's light into the lives of God's children in need.

In times of crisis, your love is there.

In Türkiye...

You touched the hearts and lives of families like the Aaikgözes, who lost everything to deadly earthquakes. You gave them renewed hope.

In the immediate aftermath, you delivered tents, tarps, winter clothing, emergency food and water, and more to children, women and men affected by the quakes — including Syrian refugees living in Türkiye. And even though the news crews are long gone...

Your love and support are still there, helping families rebuild their lives. You're giving them container homes, where they have a roof overhead, a kitchen, a bathroom — and a safe place where real healing can begin in their hearts.

In UkraineYour love quickly reached families fleeing violence, in Ukraine and those living as refugees in Poland. You delivered emergency food and water, shelter … and warm quilts, like the one now cherished by Tetiana and her 2-year-old daughter, Masha.

Your love provided...

Today, your love is still reaching far into battle-torn Ukraine. You continue to provide food, water, shelter and urgently needed health care through mobile medical clinics.

Since September 2022, more than 5,000 people in 26 cities have received vital medical care. Thank you.

In Honduras

More than 1,100 young adults in Honduras will have new employment opportunities, thanks to the technology and skills training you're helping to provide.

You're giving them a chance to build a life in their homeland and earn reliable income. You are setting the stage for their futures — filled with hope and endless possibilities.

In South Sudan

Your generosity provided a speed boat for transportation to clinics in a country where flooding has made accessing health care impossible.

Thanks to you, suffering children, expecting mothers and entire families receive the essential care they desperately need. And in the months and years ahead, your act of kindness will continue to save lives.

Your love reaches around the world

Your incredible generosity is always noticed and appreciated. In fact, it's felt by children, women, men and seniors around the world right now.

Thank you for ensuring that the Lutheran Church is fully engaged in ending poverty, injustice and human suffering. Thank you for believing this is a mission worth achieving.

Faithful Lutherans like you are
the foundation for everything we do.