Volunteers load 172 quilts and kits into a truck at Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church in Seattle.

Tips to make your next quilt & kit ingathering drop-off a breeze

It's springtime! And for many dedicated souls across the country, that means it's time to drop off quilts and kits to a local ingathering, so they can be shipped to one of our two warehouses.

Ingatherings are a convenient and easy way to send your items on their way toward families in need around the world. Here are a few tips on how to make your next ingathering experience a breeze!

Check online to find your nearest ingathering

Here on the LWR website, we have a handy search tool where you can put in your zip code and find the nearest ingathering to you. When looking at your search results, however, be sure to notice:

  • Whether it is a fall ingathering, a spring ingathering or both.
  • The contact information for the person coordinating the ingathering, in case you have any questions, especially about any special protocols in place for COVID-19.
  • The exact days/hours of the ingathering.

No ingathering near you? No problem! Here is where you can get information on other ways to ship your items to our warehouses.

Organize like items into boxes and mind your labeling!

This is another great tip from the LWR Quilters & Kit Makers Community group on Facebook. To help keep items organized, be sure to pack like items (Personal Care Kits with Personal Care Kits, etc.) and label your boxes clearly by what’s in them. This not only helps organize the shipment of the items, but it also helps our warehouse staff when receiving them.

For even more packing tips, visit lwr.org/pack.

Help quilts and kits get to neighbors overseas

As you show off your beautiful work to your congregation, ask them to support your efforts by giving to the LWR Quilt & Kit Shipping Fund that helps offset the cost of shipping quilts and kits to communities overseas. It’s a great way to engage your entire congregation in sharing God’s gifts with neighbors in need!