In the village of Sikab in Indonesia, answered prayers came in the form of a working toilet and handwashing station at school. Now boys and girls can go to school without fear of needing to use the restroom.

This Easter, let your love give children a new beginning

Imagine walking four miles to school each day
and then doing it again and again, just so you can use a bathroom.

In an impoverished community in Indonesia, the lack of a restroom at school was keeping healthy boys and girls from attending. With no access to water at school, the only option was crouching in the bushes or walking home. And for most of the children, the trip home was over four miles.

Sadly, this is just one community of so many crippled by a lack of access to water. In fact, right now, across the world, over 770 million men, women and children don’t have access to clean water. Even more, they lack access to a toilet.

Without accessible water, communities are locked in poverty for generations.

How clean water changes everything

Every person, no matter where they live, needs water — for drinking, cooking, bathing, handwashing and growing their food.

When children have access to clean water, the wheels of change begin to turn in a big way. Waterborne diseases disappear, and kids spend more time healthy and growing up strong. The hours families once spent collecting water can be used to work, prepare healthy meals and more. Hygiene and handwashing stations keep children healthy. Access to clean water changes the future for a community and is an essential building block to overcoming poverty.

Clean water means new life

As we rejoice in the promise of new life that Christ’s resurrection brings, friends like you can help provide a new beginning for children and families right now.

Your gift today will help provide children in need with fresh, clean water. And that’s not all. You’ll help provide handwashing stations and bathrooms at schools to keep students healthy and learning. Your gift today will be the start of a new future for children and families in desperate need.


How a bathroom is changing the future for a girl and her classmates

It's hard for most of us to imagine how a bathroom could bring so much joy. But when friends like you reached out to help put a bathroom and handwashing station in at Yasa's school in the village of Sikab, that’s exactly what it did.  

Now this bubbly, sweet girl is excited to go to school and can focus on learning and having fun instead of worrying about having to use the restroom. It's changed Yasa’s and her classmates’ lives.  

Share Christ's love this Easter by helping transform the lives of more children and families through the gift of fresh, clean water. Your love could be the start of many bright, new futures.