As COVID-19 advances, families need clean water more than ever. All gifts matched!

As COVID-19 advances, families need clean water more than ever. All gifts matched!

  • Emily Esworthy
  • May 14, 2020

Kapinga Eudoxi was saddened by all the sickness in her village — typhoid, malaria, diarrhea. These diseases are mostly preventable, but in Kapinga’s village in the Democratic Republic of Congo, they were often deadly. She recalls how frequently her children, friends and neighbors had to be hooked up to IVs, and she remembers the names of so many who died too young.

Just because they were poor.

When your love reached her village with the gift of clean water, so many things changed.

Kapinga and her neighbors no longer had to walk long distances to carry clean water home to their families. They began washing their hands with soap and water before they ate and after using the latrine. They stopped getting sick as frequently.

Clean water was literally a gift of life for Kapinga’s village.

Give clean water

More families have an urgent need for water

Now, more than ever, families in vulnerable communities — from slums in Kenya … to refugee camps in Uganda … to remote regions of El Salvador — need access to clean water.

As COVID-19 makes its way around the world, many families have almost no defense against its spread. When every drop of water they can carry is needed for drinking or cooking, handwashing is a luxury too many cannot afford.

Still other families are struggling to grow crops to eat and to sell, simply because they don’t have enough water.

Your love is the gift of clean water

Kapinga and her neighbors are healthier and better prepared for COVID-19 thanks to the gift of clean water. Right now, more families need your love to help them survive the many challenges of this global pandemic. Will you help?


Through June 30, 2020, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000 to bring lifesaving water to vulnerable families.

What your gift can do:

  • Install emergency handwashing stations
  • Dig hand-pumped and solar powered wells
  • Build high-capacity rainwater collection tanks with filters
  • Promote dry-climate irrigation techniques so families have water to grow crops for food year-round
  • Give families the information they need to stay safe and what to do if someone gets sick with COVID-19 or other diseases.

Nobody should suffer or die from a lack of clean water just because they are poor.

Thank you for loving your neighbors when they need it most. Lutheran World Relief is committed to carrying that love everywhere we can, until your love reaches every neighbor.


Emily Esworthy, May 14, 2020 email