Clean water is a gift that can’t wait

  • Emily Esworthy
  • Mar 22, 2020

At Easter, we celebrate Jesus’s enormous love – love that conquers death and brings light to darkness. Because of the greatness of this love, we are called to share it with our neighbors.

And today, our neighbors need our love more than ever.



We need your love to reach them

We can’t reach these children without you. By sharing your blessings and giving generously today:

  • Your love will bring rainwater collection tanks that deliver gallons of clean, filtered water to schools and remote villages in the poorest of countries.
  • Your love will provide water purification tablets that allow children to drink water without getting sick.
  • Your love will help install handwashing stations to stop diseases from spreading among families and children.

Your generous gifts to Lutheran World Relief mean children and their parents will not die from preventable diseases, and families will be able to create sustainable futures for themselves.

So please bring life-giving, clean water solutions to children and families in need this Easter by making your generous gift now.



Emily Esworthy, Mar 22, 2020 email