Use Thrivent Choice Dollars® to Reach the World's Poorest Communities

Around the world, millions of our fellow brothers and sisters live in extreme poverty, beyond the reach of life-sustaining resources. Hunger is pervasive, and they are cut off from health care, education and other basic services.
If you're a Thrivent Financial member, you may be eligible to participate in Thrivent Choice® and recommend where some of Thrivent Financial's 2017 charitable outreach funds go. But there isn't much time - the deadline to direct Choice Dollars® is March 31!

Here's what to do:

  1. Call 1-800-THRIVENT  or visit the Thrivent Financial website to find out if you have Dollars you are eligible to direct.
  2. To direct Choice Dollars® to Lutheran World Relief, you can do so online or over the phone - but you must direct 2017 Choice Dollars® by March 31st!

Don't miss this opportunity to reach out to families in need and help them transition from survival to stability. Here are just a few places where those funds make a big difference.


India and Nepal: Building Resilience Across Borders

Ram Kisun Koiri, president of the local Community Disaster Management Committee (CDMC) in Narsahi, Nepal, shows visitors the flood gauge that measures water levels to indicate imminent flooding. [Photo: Greg Kresslein]
[Photo: Greg Kresslein]

Each year, heavy rains bring massive flooding to communities on both sides of the India-Nepal border. In 2017, the floodwaters near Narsahi, Nepal rose so high that the local Community Disaster Management Committee (CDMC) chose to evacuate 6000 people. When you direct Thrivent Choice Dollars® to LWR, those funds provide opportunities for communities in both India and Nepal to implement early warning systems and train first responders, so that annual floods no longer threaten human lives.

Make Thrivent Choice® Count in India and Nepal!


Nicaragua: Empowering Youth Through Coffee

Maryeli Lopez, 22, is seen taking doing an evaluation on the health of her family’s coffee land. [Photo: Oscar Leiva Marinero]
[Photo: Oscar Leiva Marinero]

Maryeli Lopez is one of 60 youth outreach promoters working with a coffee cooperative in Jinotega, Nicaragua. The farmers she works with, including her own family, depend on their coffee crop for their livelihood, and they need to learn to adopt the latest techniques to grow higher quality – and higher quantity – beans. When you direct Thrivent Choice Dollars® to LWR, those funds help young adults like Maryeli learn and share new skills with other farming families in their community.

Make Thrivent Choice® Count in Nicaragua!


Puerto Rico: Hurricane Maria Recovery

Igdalia Heredia Gonzalez, 49, and her daughter Valeria Gonzalez Jimenez, 11, walk through a cleared path in debris that all but buried their home during Hurricane Maria six weeks ago, in the town of Puente Blanco, in the municipality of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, November 1, 2017. [Photo: Allison Shelley]
[Photo: Allison Shelley]

Igdalia Heredia Gonzalez and her daughter, Valeria, live in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, a mountainous community devastated by Hurricane Maria. Their home was destroyed in a flash flood, and many of their neighbors took refuge in a nearby school that was turned into a shelter. When you direct Thrivent Choice Dollars® to LWR, those funds reach out to families like Igdalia's to provide cash transfers and essential equipment, like water filtration devices, so families can immediately begin to recover from natural disasters.

Make Thrivent Choice® Count in Puerto Rico!


South Sudan: Providing Life-Saving Nutrition Services

Women wait with their babies as a team conducts malnutrition assessments of young children and lactating mothers and hands out nutritional supplements under a small tent on a rainy day at the John Dau Foundation compound in Duk Padiet in South Sudan's Jonglei state, September 29, 2017. [Photo: Allison Shelley]
[Photo: Allison Shelley]

Thousands of mothers and young children in South Sudan were hit hard by a famine fueled by years of drought and civil war. Children living in poverty, already vulnerable to malaria and other diseases, faced severe malnourishment and starvation. When you direct Thrivent Choice Dollars® to LWR, those funds help families experiencing major food insecurity receive medical attention and nutrition supplements, ensuring they are disease-free and that the children reach a healthy weight.

Make Thrivent Choice® Count in South Sudan!


Uganda: Strengthening the Livelihoods of Poor Coffee Farmers

The Wotea family stands in front of their house in Bududa District, Uganda.[Photo: Jake Lyell]
[Photo: Jake Lyell]

The Wotea family farms coffee in the Mt. Elgon region of Uganda. Coffee is big business around the world, but most of it is grown by poor farmers working small plots of land. When you direct Thrivent Choice® Dollars to LWR, those funds help support coffee cooperatives that enable farmers to grow and sell quality beans, increasing their income and access to education and medical care.

Make Thrivent Choice® Count in Uganda!