In Uganda, empowering young entrepreneurs to support local farmers is a win-win

Rose Nabyonga, 60, and Deogracias Muwonge (Deo), 35, are something of an unconventional team.
Rose is a farmer who depends on her land for survival. Deo is a young entrepreneur who runs a farm supply store in Rose's village.

Three years ago, Rose’s life looked very different than it does today. Her grandchildren were usually out of school because there was no money to pay their school fees and the family usually ate one meal a day, consisting of only porridge and beans. That is, until she and Deo struck up a partnership.

Deo is one of 40 young farmers who received small business management training so they could run agriculture supply shops. They also received specialized instruction in coffee cultivation from a professional agronomist so they could provide technical guidance to help farmers improve crop production. Deo works with 300 farmers to help them improve their crops — including Rose.

And what they've been able to accomplish — and the improvements in Rose's quality of life — have been nothing short of inspiring.

Take a moment to meet Rose and Deo. Check out this visual story we put together and see Rose's farm, Deo's store, and learn how your support made their mutual success story possible.

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