Three years after Nepal earthquake, families recover, rebuild

As Santosh Gurung (pictured below) worked the fields of his farm in Paaudukharka, near the town of Gorkha, Nepal, on April 25, 2015, he was separated from his wife and their toddler son by nearly 100 miles of mountains and valleys while they visited relatives in Kathmandu.
Santosh’s home was one of the half million destroyed by the massive earthquake that shook Nepal that day, killing nearly 9,000 people and injuring nearly 22,000. Uninjured, he was desperate for news from his family. With the phone network down, it took more than nine hours for him to learn that his wife and son were also safe.

Thanks to your swift response to provide immediate aid and the promise of true recovery, Lutheran World Relief was soon in this remote rural community.

Two years later, meet the people and see the progress of the people whose lives were transformed by generosity by checking out our visual story on Exposure.

Santosh Gurung
Santosh Gurung, 26, at his farm in Paaudukharka community, near Gorkha, Nepal.

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