Mark your calendars: Giving Tuesday (November 28) is the LWR Goat-a-Thon!

Giving Tuesday is the end of a string of themed days after Thanksgiving that kick off the holiday season. This year, we decided to do a little something different to celebrate this day devoted to giving.
We're hosting our very first LWR Goat-a-Thon!

What's an LWR Goat-a-Thon?

Manika Devi with her goats
Manika Devi, from India, with her goats.

On Giving Tuesday, November 28, we'll be talking about all things goat, in order to raise at least 150 LWR Goats for families in need around the world. The Goat-a-Thon will mainly take place on the LWR Facebook page, where there will be some fun activities throughout the day. We'll also send out email reminders about this special event, so make sure you're signed up to receive updates by email. (Hint: fill out the orange box in this post!)

But why goats?

These goats, in Kenya, are part of a project sponsored by a group of 5 LCMS Mega Churches that are supporting Isaiah 58: Project Kenya.

Besides being impossibly cute, goats are a powerful tool against poverty. These hardy critters provide nourishing milk to drink and to sell for income. Families can use the income they make from selling goat milk to pay for things like food, medicine and even school fees!

Throughout the day, on our Facebook page, we'll be showing you the great ways goats have made a difference in the countries where we work. We hope you'll be moved to give a goat and help us reach our Giving Tuesday goal!

I'm not on Facebook, but I want to participate!

A woman farmer standing with her goats in the village of Dièla in the Gnagna province of the Est Region of Burkina Faso.

All are welcome to take part in the LWR Goat-a-Thon. The best way to get information is to sign up to receive email updates from us. (There's a sign-up box right in this very blog post!) We'll email you on Giving Tuesday with some great information about goats, and a link to where you can go and donate.

If you have a friend or family member who is not online at all, they may call 800-597-5972 and ask to donate a goat to the "Goat-a-Thon."