Why I’m Grateful for My Vocation

by Oumou Dicko, LWR's former President's Office Assistant

“The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” – Frederick Buechner

I always have been the kind of person who is unusually disturbed by the suffering of the others. I, myself, have passed through much physical and emotional suffering, which has formed a genuinely compassionate heart for others. Because of this compassion, I have always wanted a profession that would allow me to bring more than simple comfort to others’ lives. I want to impact people in such a way that it will lead to a genuine transformation in their lives.

In a very miraculous way, God led me to Lutheran World Relief. Since then, my heart keeps overflowing with gratitude for the privilege to use my gifts to support LWR’s mission. Through this, I see my dream come true.

It is a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning with a renewed enthusiasm for coming to a life-changing place. This is what working at LWR means for me. I am supporting the mission and vision of the organization with my administrative support; I may not be on the front lines, but I am backstage, ensuring that the President’s Office runs smoothly. Even as a temp, I am filled with feelings of satisfaction and contentment. Each time I am joyfully tending to other people’s business, God is also joyfully tending to all aspects of my life and those related to me.

I have seen the powerful hand of God acting in my life and turning it around, after so many tests, trials and tears. God took me from a place of shame, sorrow and confusion to a place of joy, happiness and peace.

Having been in hostile environments, it is easy for me to appreciate such a wonderful environment to minister to humankind, under the supervision of such an extraordinary person and surrounded by such exceptional colleagues. In each and every encounter with them, I have been tremendously touched by the overflowing fruits of the Holy Spirit. They drive me to raise my standards, give me the opportunity express my faith, and work on living more and more like Jesus.

God brought me to a place where I can fulfill my calling: to pass on Christ's love and make God’s love known. In Christ, I am set free. And through this freedom, I am able to truly experience a life of abundance and thanksgiving.