Photo of the Day: Kandalady Market, Sri Lanka

This photo was sent to us by a consultant who is evaluating our work in Sri Lanka that is helping to alleviate long-term hunger and poverty. She says, "Following our jarring interviews about poverty and the lure of work through agents yesterday, this scene has tremendous meaning for me — and more for the women in it."
LWR's Regional Director for Asia & the Middle East says,

She is very impressed by LWR’s work with empowering women and linking to the private sector. The women in the project are mostly widows — a result of the horrific conflict that is now over.

LWR has been working in Sri Lanka ever since the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, initially provided relief to those forced out of their homes. We helped provide food, water, counseling and education in the aftermath of the disaster.

Yet after an almost 3-decade long brutal civil war, most of the hundreds of thousands of displaced persons have returned home to devastation. Their assets are gone, as are ways of making a living. Many live in isolation. And as the rest of the country moves forward towards development the gap widens and they have become almost invisible.

As the situation has changed, LWR has transitioned from emergency relief to a focus on long-term, sustainable development. We work with widows and vulnerable families, providing them with the training and financial support they need to support their families.

So thank you to our team in Sri Lanka who tirelessly work to bring LWR's Lasting Promise to the women and families of Sri Lanka!