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Celebrating 20 Years of LWR Fair Trade!

Love God. Love Your Neighbor.

Fair Trade is a reflection of our faith. Purchasing fairly traded coffee and chocolate improves the lives of farmers, families, and communities.

It is a direct path for you and your congregation to participate in life-changing work around the world.

Fair Trade provides:

  1. YOU a great cup of coffee, or bar of chocolate; and
  2. FARMERS’ FAMILIES & COMMUNITIES access to clean water, health clinics and schools. Fair Trade stops child labor, human trafficking and slavery in the cocoa farming industry.
For Your Congregation
What better way to welcome members, visitors and guests to your congregation than a cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate?
Whether it’s Easter, Christmas, Valentines or just a good time to say “Thank You”, Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate makes perfect gifts that make a difference.
Find the right flavor for yourself from Equal Exchange’s broad line of Fair Trade coffee, tea, chocolate and other food items, and make a difference every day!
Fair Trade products assure that small-scale farmers have been given a fair and dependable price for their crops on the world market. And the LWR Fair Trade helps support LWR’s other work throughout the world.

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Print copies of this “selfie sign”, fill in the name of your congregation, snap a picture and post it on social media with #SipBoldly! And tag @luthworldrelief!

Are you a Fair Trade Leader? Email us at fairtrade@lwr.org

Our Fair Trade Partner: Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange

LWR Fair Trade is a partnership between Lutheran World Relief and Equal Exchange. This partnership furthers LWR’s mission to end poverty, injustice and human suffering by strengthening agricultural value chain relationships between U.S. Lutherans and small holder farmers around the world.

Equal Exchange handles all the ordering, billing and fulfillment of your order from the LWR Fair Trade.

Equal Exchange donates $.20 to LWR’s Small Farmer Fund for each pound of Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, tea, cocoa, sugar and snacks you order through the LWR Fair Trade.
Buy Coffee & Chocolate Online

The Small Farmer Fund

Small Farmer Fund

The Small Farmer Fund supports LWR’s agricultural programs, providing the tools and training that small-scale farmers need to improve their enterprises and make a better life for their families.