Quilt & Kit Tracker Update

If you make and assemble quilts or kits for neighbors in need around the world, then you are a member of the Quilt & Kit Ministry at Lutheran World Relief — and this important update about the Quilt & Kit Tracker is for you.

The Tracker was launched in 2013 so that faithful people like you, who devote your time and talent so generously, could follow the journey of your quilts and kits to neighbors in need.

Now, more than a decade later, the technology behind the Tracker is obsolete, making the system unreliable and difficult to use. If you have used the Tracker in the last year or more, you have likely experienced lags in reporting or have been unable to retrieve updates. The Tracker is no longer serving its important purpose, and we are sorry for the frustration you experienced.

Therefore, as of May 15, the Quilt & Kit Tracker is officially out of service. This means that, moving forward, barcodes should no longer be used and that no reports or updates will be generated by the Tracker for previous donations with Tracker-generated barcodes.

Your hard work and generosity are as needed and appreciated as ever.

Please rest assured that the quilts and kits you so lovingly assemble and ship to us are reaching those who need them — as they always have. Last year alone, more than 462,000 quilts and kits reached children, women and men in 19 countries, including Ukraine, Haiti and Tanzania. You can see the full list here.

And quilts and kits improve lives. For example, did you know that quilts help children stay healthy? Watch and discover how the warmth of your quilts helps protect children from stunting in Tanzania.

Looking ahead

Right now, plans are in motion for a completely new, state-of-the-art system that will allow you to follow quilts and kits from the time they leave your hands to the time they reach their destination.

While there is not yet a target completion date for this system, progress is underway, and you will receive updates as it takes shape. During this period of transition, you can expect more photos, videos and stories than ever before of your quilts and kits reaching neighbors around the world.

Please share this update with your congregation, quilting group and others who have used the Tracker. And please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Thank you for your unwavering generosity and for being such a caring person. We are deeply grateful to God for your faithful partnership in this ministry.