From Farmer to You: LWR Farmers Market Coffee. Buy Now!

Lionel Philidor, a member of the Sainte Helene coffee cooperative, poses for a photo at the cooperative in Carice, Haiti, June 17, 2015. Photo by Allison Shelley for LWR

How Your Support Makes Coffee Entrepreneurs in Haiti

This post is part of the ongoing LWR Blog series “My first LWR project visit,” in which LWR staff making first time field visits are invited to share their insights. We hope you enjoy their perspectives and that it gives you a new point of view of the work you support with Lutheran World Relief. […]

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Five Years Later: The Haiti Earthquake in Pictures

Monday, January 12 marks the five-year anniversary of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. It’s painful to recall. The poorest country in this hemisphere, Haiti was the country least able to handle such a shocking event. Even before the earthquake, the majority of Haitians faced decades of problems, most of which begin and end in [...]Read More...

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Three Years After the Haiti Earthquake

Today marks the third anniversary of the earthquake that leveled Haiti. Three years ago this magnitude 7.0 earthquake severely damaged an already struggling nation. Lutheran World Relief had already been at work in Haiti for fifteen years, but we increased our presence there to help people recover from the earthquake. Three years after the earthquake, [...]Read More...

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How much more can Haiti take?

I admit asking myself this after learning that Tropical Storm Isaac was bound for the small island nation. Perhaps you wondered the same thing. While this storm wasn’t as strong as we feared, it still managed to do significant damage, especially to the southern portion of the country, where communities are still working to recover [...]Read More...

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The Global Water Challenge

In my car over the noon hour, I was excited to hear part of an audio documentary by America Abroad. Being the news junkie I am, I was tempted to sit in my parking spot for the next hour so I could finish listening to this NPR program. As much as I know about the [...]Read More...

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Helping Small Farmers in Haiti

Today is the second anniversary of the massive earthquake that leveled Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It was a major humanitarian emergency that devastated an already fragile country. A lot has happened since then, and LWR continues the work it began long before the earthquake struck. Our emergency relief efforts — like distributing Personal Care Kits — continue [...]Read More...

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