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LWR Expands Philippines Typhoon Response Thanks to ELCA Gift

Lutheran World Relief’s work with families in the Philippines to recover from last month’s powerful typhoon is scaling up, thanks to a $50,000 gift from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The gift will allow LWR to significantly expand our emergency response on the island of Mindanao, reaching an additional 1,500 families, in addition to [...]Read More...

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Heading off starvation in South Sudan

A recent New York Times article estimates that much of South Sudan could face severe hunger as early as May, with an official declaration of famine not far behind. This blog post, first published in January 2018, highlights how your support is reaching pregnant mothers and young children in South Sudan with life-saving nutrition. Please continue [...]Read More...

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An aid worker surveys a destroyed building in war-torn Iraq.

In a world of crisis, here’s how you can do a world of good

Crisis. Disasters. Conflict. It seems there isn’t a corner of the world that doesn’t have overwhelming humanitarian need right now. The refugee crisis, fueled by conflict in Syria, Iraq and South Sudan, has reached the highest level in recorded history, surpassing the totals last seen in World War II. In Africa, at least four nations [...]Read More...

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Ram Singh Gurung sits in front of his newly constructed home in Nepal's Gorkha District.

Nepal: Two Years After the Earthquake, a Place to Call Home

On April 25, 2017, we mark the second anniversary of the deadly earthquake that struck Nepal. Its toll was huge, killing nearly 9,000 people, injuring 20,000 more and destroying more than 600,000 homes. A second earthquake hit on May 12, causing more damage and casualties. Together, the suffering they caused is incalculable. Your support has [...]Read More...

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Soamen Jose, a Haitian farmer and midwife on her way to attend to a birth in the community

Haiti: a Partnership of Recovery and Progress

January 12 marks the seventh anniversary of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti that caused so much death and suffering for people who were already living in extreme poverty. Lutheran World Relief had already been working in Haiti, but we increased our presence in the aftermath of the disaster. Each year since the earthquake, we’ve [...]Read More...

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One Year Later: Typhoon Haiyan in Pictures

November 8 marks the one-year anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The storm was one of the strongest to make landfall in recorded history. 16 million people were affected, 4 million people were displaced and 6,300 people died because of the storm. In response, Lutheran World Relief raised $9.7 million to meet the immediate [...]Read More...

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Why Do We Bless, or Dedicate, Quilts?

In the LWR Quilters Group on Facebook – a place of 750 (and counting) dedicated Quilters and Kit-makers from across the US gather online – we’ve been having an interesting discussion. What’s the difference between a quilt “blessing” and a quilt “dedication?” And why do congregations do them before sending Quilts and Kits to LWR? [...]Read More...

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A Thank You from the Field

Over the past two weeks, I have been traveling around the Philippines with LWR’s staff based there. It’s been an amazing opportunity to see the immense expertise of our field staff, the way they approach their work with both compassion and professionalism. Please view the video below to see a little of what I have [...]Read More...

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Vintage Brochure – LWR Layettes

Check out this vintage LWR Layette (Baby Care Kit) brochure one of our constituents found in her mother-in-law’s drawer. How things have changed since 1964 – and yet the spirit is the same! Learn more about Baby Care Kits A Baby Care Kit from LWR is like a promise. It says to that baby, Your [...]Read More...

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Three Years After the Haiti Earthquake

Today marks the third anniversary of the earthquake that leveled Haiti. Three years ago this magnitude 7.0 earthquake severely damaged an already struggling nation. Lutheran World Relief had already been at work in Haiti for fifteen years, but we increased our presence there to help people recover from the earthquake. Three years after the earthquake, [...]Read More...

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