Betza, left, and Kevin dream of going to school and having the supplies they need in Peru where school kits change young lives.

School kits provide children in Peru the tools they need to succeed

Betza loves school so much that she carries her pink school bag nearly everywhere she goes. And the 6-year-old is filled with excitement to use her new notebooks and pencils when she starts first grade in March.

11-year-old Kevin proudly shows off his new School Kit. Kevin is one of the best students at his school. He studies hard on school days because his weekends are busy. They are filled with chores and work, helping to run his family’s small orchard and collecting the money from the passengers who ride the bus his father drives.

Like many of their neighborhood friends, Betza and Kevin wouldn’t have these essential supplies without your generous heart. Each lives in a poor area of Peru, where families often face the choice between food and education for their children. And even when children can attend school, they often go without even the basic supplies.

Thanks to you — through your time and resources — these young minds have the supplies they need to thrive in the classroom. And while in school, students receive a nutritious lunch, which is important for keeping them strong and healthy when malnutrition is prevalent.

Betza and Kevin are two of 13,000 children in Peru who received LWR School Kits this fall. Thank you!

Make LWR School Kits!

LWR School Kit

In 2018 alone, compassionate people like you helped make and ship 216,430 LWR School Kits. Those kits not only make education possible for children living in poverty, but they also help our partners connect with their communities to deliver essential services that improve health and lives.

Anyone can make School Kits - an individual, a family, a group, or even a congregation! Click here to get started.