Look at those eyes! This beautiful baby was among the families who received COVID-prevention kits during a distribution co-sponsored by Lutheran World Relief and ChildFund at a shelter in Santa Barbara, Honduras. (Gregg Brekke for LWR)

[Photos] Kits comfort hurricane survivors

It's been nearly a year since back-to-back hurricanes smashed through Latin America. During that time, your commitment to assemble kits has been so important to the many families who lost everything. Thanks to you, mothers and babies, like the ones in these photos, can find comfort and protect themselves from COVID.

Gesina Herrera holds her son while they wait at the Lutheran World Relief aid distribution to 137 families in Waller Bordo, a community near Choloma, Honduras. This community, which sits between the Chamelecon and Ulua Rivers, was devastated when both rivers breached levees protecting the community during Hurricanes Eta and Iota in November 2020. (Gregg Brekke for LWR)

Sara Sanchez and her daughter receive a COVID-prevention kit during a distribution at a private shelter in Ilama near Santa Barbara, Honduras. (Gregg Brekke for LWR)

Make LWR Kits of Care

Assembling kits is a great way to share your love with neighbors in need. See the kinds of kits that help the most and learn how to build one today.