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More Tips & Tricks from the Quilt & Kit Survey

The Quilt & Kit Survey has enabled us to get to know you, our quilters and kit-makers, better. One of our favorite things about the surveys has been reading through your clever ideas, stories, and tips related to your quilting and kit-making ministries. We want to share these ideas widely, so that everyone can learn about and apply them as they fit! As such, we’re adding a new regular feature to Faith in Action, sharing your tips and tricks. If you haven’t already, please visit the survey and invite all of your quilters and kit-makers to do the same — you might see your name in print!  Thank you!

– Melanie W. Gibbons, LWR’s Quilt & Kit Ministry Manager

"We make backpacks from the quilters' fabric supplies. If it's too heavy for quilts it is further evaluated for suitability to backpacks. I cut the fabrics, another sews the backpack, and then it's back to me for inserting the corded straps. A Bible study group helps with filling the backpacks as well as assembling the other kits." – CHAR G., NORTH DAKOTA

"Members of my group have formed several Thrivent Action Teams and gotten $250 grants, which were used to buy flannel to make items for LWR Baby Care Kits. With the help of these Thrivent grants we have been able to increase the number of kits we are able to make." – MICHELE Z., WISCONSIN

"We make diapers from t-shirts and then make baby shirts from the scraps. We also make baby gowns and pants from donated t-shirts." – JO DEEN F., WISCONSIN

"“[We get] together at the church to cut quilt squares. Most of the sewing is done at individual homes. The backing and quilting are pinned together at the church. Having a sewer at the church helps a lot, otherwise we have to take the pinned quilts back home to sew. We tie them at the church too. Our biggest help has been having blocks made to raise our table height and being able to put two
tables together” – BRENDA J., NORTH DAKOTA

"We have a wonderful relationship with our local hospital who provides us with blankets and gowns, no longer needed or useful to them. We use the blankets as filler for our quilts and the gowns are used in tops of the quilts." –  GAIL F., MINNESOTA

"“The best thing is to be on the LWR Quilter Facebook page. There are so many good tips to learn from there!” – JANE G., WISCONSIN

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