Lutheran World Relief receives $250,000 grant to fund COVID-19 programs  for Venezuelan refugees in Peru

Lutheran World Relief receives $250,000 grant to fund COVID-19 programs for Venezuelan refugees in Peru

  • John Rivera
  • Sep 25, 2020

BALTIMORE, Sept. 25, 2020 — The Center for Disaster Philanthropy has awarded a $250,000 grant to Lutheran World Relief to fund its ongoing COVID-19 programming serving Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Peru.

The grant, which comes from the CDP’s  COVID-19 Response Fund, will support Lutheran World Relief’s initiative with local organizations in Peru to improve access to psychosocial and livelihoods recovery services and to provide crucial COVID-19 information for Venezuelan refugees and migrants living there.

The approximately 860,000 Venezuelans living in Peru, about 90 percent in Lima, are a particularly vulnerable population due to their precarious legal status, lack of social networks and limited access to services. Throughout the pandemic, Lutheran World Relief and its partners have been sending public health messages and other essential information to Venezuelan refugees through the VenInformado digital platform, accessible through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. To build resilience and mitigate the economic insecurity of refugees and migrants during and after the pandemic, the project will expand the VenInformado platform to provide virtual resources for guidance on income generating activities through links to online resources, including job referral services and vocational training tutorials.

Lutheran World Relief will lead the expansion of VenInformado’s reach, technical capabilities and available services for the refugee and migrant population, and work with local partner, Encuentros, to select a group of up to 205 migrants and refugees who are most at risk and eligible for enrollment in an online, in-depth course on entrepreneurship and vocational training. This course will include seed money and mentoring to help Venezuelans learn new skills and start small businesses that will generate sustainable incomes.

Another local partner in Peru, the Center for Psychosocial Care (CAPS), has partnered with Lutheran World Relief to manage the mental health and psychosocial services activities, offering input on how to expand the VenInformado platform to include key resources on how to cope with emotional trauma, and provide links to information on where to find services. The initiative will also provide counseling services for some of the most vulnerable as they deal with the emotional impacts of the pandemic.

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John Rivera, Sep 25, 2020 email