As a member of the Early Warning System task force, established through the Transboundary Resilience Project, Sambhu Been warns of an impending flood of the nearby Gandak River to his fellow community members in West Champaran District, Bihar State, India.

Lutheran World Relief Joins the Global Resilience Partnership

  • John Rivera
  • Sep 9, 2020

BALTIMORE—Lutheran World Relief has been named an official partner of the Global Resilience Partnership, a coalition of humanitarian and development organizations working toward building a resilient future where vulnerable places and people are able to thrive in the face of shocks, uncertainty and change.

The Global Resilience Partnership brings together more than 65 diverse and influential organizations who jointly work to amplify the importance of investing in resilience, while also sharing the innovative knowledge and practices of a diverse range of practitioners.

“Lutheran World Relief is proud to join the Global Resilience Partnership,” said Wendi Bevins, LWR resilience technical advisor. “As a partner, we will be able to engage with like-minded organizations in knowledge-sharing and advocacy as we work to build the resilience of vulnerable communities around the world.”

The Global Resilience Partnership has been a supporter of Lutheran World Relief’s Transboundary Resilience Project, a cross-border initiative that helped river basin communities in Nepal and India to better prepare for, respond to and recover from deadly annual monsoon flooding. The project collaborated with local partners in the two countries, bringing together communities across the border to establish their own early warning systems to communicate news of impending flooding.

Lutheran World Relief also won support from the Global Resilience Partnership’s Innovation Challenge for its initiative to expand women-led climate smart agricultural entrepreneurship models in Nepal.

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Founded in 1945, Lutheran World Relief collaborates with local partners to grow inclusive and climate resilient rural economies, reduce poverty, and respond to emergencies and humanitarian crises. Lutheran World Relief works in concert with Corus International, an ensemble of faith-based organizations working together in the world’s most fragile settings to deliver the holistic, lasting solutions needed to overcome the interconnected challenges of poverty, health care access and climate change. 


John Rivera, Sep 9, 2020 email