This Lent, choose Eco-Palms! They deliver hope for the hands that harvest them

  • John Rivera
  • Feb 9, 2018

BALTIMORE—On Palm Sunday, Lutherans can wave palms and deliver hope for the hands that harvested them with Eco-Palms!

Lutheran World Relief has partnered with the University of Minnesota Center for Integrated Natural Resources & Agricultural Management to gather and sell palms from Mexico and Guatemala in a socially and environmentally just way. The farmers who harvest, sort and package Eco-Palms are paid fairly for their work and use harvesting methods that protect the environment – and their future livelihoods – so they can escape the cycle of poverty.

How are Eco-Palms different?

  • The palms are gathered and sold in a socially and environmentally just way.
  • Harvesters are paid a fair price per palm based on quality — 5-6 times the normal payment per frond — so they take fewer palms out of the forest, which protects important nature reserves.
  • Community members sort, package and sell the palms themselves — not via middlemen — so more of the money paid for the palms stays with the people who worked the hardest to provide them.
  • Because there is a steady market for the palms, locals are motivated to protect the forests (their source of income), ensuring harvests well into the future.

Visit for more information or to order them.

John Rivera, Feb 9, 2018 email