Kits of Care Give Children in Senegal the Opportunity to Go to School

  • Elise Adrian
  • Nov 2, 2018

It's back to school season and children are streaming into classrooms. For some, it is a time of excitement as they head off to school with bookbags laden with supplies. For others it is a time of heartache. School supplies seem like commonplace items, but for many families in Senegal that is not the case.

Proper supplies — whether that be notebooks, pencils, a bag or personal hygiene items — are the difference between a child sitting in the classroom or being unable to attend school. That burden falls on mothers as well as their children. That’s why the LWR School Kits and Personal Care Kits you lovingly assemble are such a blessing to the children and families who receive them! In April, Lutheran World Relief partnered with ChildFund Senegal to distribute 21,472 SCHOOL KITS and 7,088 PERSONAL CARE KITS to youth and families in multiple regions of Senegal. As staff prepared to hand out the kits, children eagerly lined up in anticipation. The parents were just as pleased! When our partners spoke to some of the parents in the village, they expressed gratitude and relief that their children have supplies and the teachers have been able to continue their teaching lessons.

You, through your time and resources, are giving these young minds access to education and health while providing them places where they can be safe and protected. Thank you!

Elise Adrian, Nov 2, 2018 email