Will and Madelyn assembling School Kits

Family Kits

MEET THE SADERA FAMILY: Amy (mom), Will (age 10) and Madelyn (age 7). Every year before school starts, they put together kits as a family and deliver them to the LWR warehouse in New Windsor, Maryland. They recently made 50 School Kits, 21 Fabric Kits and 17 Baby Care Kits.

Amy has been making quilts and kits for about 20 years and she started this project with Will and Madelyn about five years ago. They started with assembling School Kits and, this year, they added Fabric and Baby Care Kits. In the past five years, they have made approximately 75 Fabric Kits, more than 250 School Kits and 50 Baby Care Kits. When asked which kits they love to assemble most, Amy said the kids love to assemble School Kits: “they help set up the assembly line and then pack one at a time.” Amy’s favorite kits to pack are the Baby Care Kits, which she prays over as they assemble them. “I pray for the babies and mothers to be healthy and to know God loves them.”

For supplies, Amy shops online and scans thrift stores, clearance sales and consignment sales, and specifically finds school supplies during the summer and back-to-school sales. She plans their LWR mission projects into their family’s budget. Amy also sews quilt tops that she gives to a local sewing group or to her parents’ home congregation in Lake City, Iowa, to finish as LWR Mission Quilts.

Amy’s best advice for other families or groups that might want to engage in packing kits together is to pray first, start with realistic goals and to be organized. Most importantly, Amy says “God can give direction as to where we spend our time, talents and resources. It is so comforting to pray while making the kits.”

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